Raumwelten – Platform for Scenography, Architecture and Media is taking place in 2019 already for the eight time; from November 13 – 15 the Raumwelten congress will be held at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg.

This year’s motto:

Beyond Scale! Measure and Excess in Scenography

There are few other disciplines that deal with measures, standardisation, and measurement as intensively as architecture. Scenography and spatial communication involve measures and measurability too, with regard to creativity as well as economy. How do we measure the effectiveness of successful scenography and architecture? How do we introduce qualitative factors for the evaluation of spatial installations and design, in addition to quantitative parameters? The desire for measurability seems to be a basic human need, and thus a basic requirement for human activity and creativity – whether in sports, art, science, or economy. We often evaluate matters according to their economic benefit and efficiency. When we deviate from standards, costs rise, projects become more complex and apparently less effective. For attractiveness and beauty to arise, however, deviation from the norm and the pushing of boundaries are usually necessary. While excess often has a negative connotation in the highly standardised world of work, new concepts such as “Cradle to Cradle” show that there can be such a thing as „intelligent waste” and that sustainable excess is possible.

The need for debordering and excess is also reflected in the spaces we create – be it in medieval cathedrals or baroque castles, up to the contemporary culture of spectacles at events, festivals, mega museums, and major sports events. Excess, however, does not necessarily imply exaggeration and ecstasy, but may find expression in the use of specific materials – particularly so in architecture and scenography – or in an entirely immaterial or even spiritual way, to the point where boundaries and space dissolve.

Raumwelten 2019 and its speakers, panels, and workshops move right between the opposing poles of clear-cut measurability and standardised measurement from Neufert to BIM, and the playful excess of spatial installations and experiences.