Raumwelten 20 2 0 2.0 – Please Install New Spatial System Now!

How does spatial communication work in a (post-)pandemic time? Which opportunities and positive changes result from the coronavirus crisis? Raumwelten presents original, open, and positive ways of dealing with the new spatial limitations. Time to restart! Unavoidable.

Nobody in the world could question that 2020 is the year of upheaval and a new normality concerning all aspects of life. The coronavirus pandemics has clearly shown us which systems are faulty and in need of reconsideration and reorganisation. It caused the shutdown of social life, pointed out ills and has all of us, whether citizens, politics or (creative) industries, face new challenges and responsibilities. This was and is about distances and isolation – and thus about everything that spatial communication wants to avoid. The relationship between distance and closeness, physical and digital, freedom and rules, staging and objectivity – all this makes demands on the spatial competence of an individuum and society as a whole. And is thus associated with a special task and challenge: “Learning from the virus!” (Paul B. Preciado).

At Raumwelten, on-site and at the same time in digital space, scenographers, philosophers, media professionals, digital artists, business representatives and politicians discuss the question of how scenography, architecture, urban planning and digital media creatively cope with the dystopic year 2020 and whether the theory that “nothing will ever be the same again” will really prove true.