Short Presentations and Workshops

November 19 and 20, 2020 / Online via Zoom At the ABC of Scenography, a small panel discusses major issues of the future, whether concerning the field of spatial communication in space, questions of sustainability, or how to with new technologies.

Experts present possible solutions in 45-minute short presentations and put them up for discussion with colleagues.
In the individual ABCs, different approaches are presented, such as the immersive sound system usomo. It transforms rooms into interactive soundscapes. A surprising experience that enhances the senses and appeals to all generations, independent of language and culture. Further, Frischvergiftung presents the project “Stadtfenster”, a decentralised media installation in Stuttgart city centre. Laura P. Spinadel shows Urban Menus, a 3D instrument that helps develop visions for urban fragments in a participatory way with a wide range of stakeholders.

Please note that all ABC of Scenography presentations are held in German language except for Dara Smith who will present in English.
Please register in advance for the respective ABC of Scenography at

hosted by Martin Prösler, CEO Proesler Kommunikation, Tübingen

Thursday, 19.11.2020

  • 11 am: Steffen Armbruster (Usomo, Berlin)
  • Noon: Willy Löbl & Maximilian Pfisterer (Frischvergiftung, Stuttgart)
  • 1 pm: Laura P. Spinadel (Urban Menu, Wien)

Friday, 20.11.2020

  • 11 am: Dara Smith (Lakker, Berlin/Dublin)
  • Noon: Willy Löbl & Maximilian Pfisterer (Frischvergiftung, Stuttgart)
  • 1 pm: Barbara Flügge (DV Consult, Zürich)