With the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart and the Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg, five renowned schools in the training of young creative and technical talent have been won as partners.

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Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


   The Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, founded in 1991, is one of the largest film academies in Germany with around 500 students. Internationally, it is one of the most renowned film training institutions with an excellent reputation. This is ensured by a strongly practice-oriented teaching concept, which is implemented each year by more than 500 top-class guest lecturers from the film and media industry. With the “Campus Ludwigsburg”, the Filmakademie offers its students a unique qualification opportunity through networking between the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Institute for Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction located on the campus, the Ludwigsburg-Paris Studio and the Academy of Performing Arts.


Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg


The Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg (ADK), founded in 2007, prepares students comprehensively – and in a combination that is unique in Germany – for careers in stage and film. The course of study aims at a practice-oriented, project-based education, within which cooperation between direction, dramaturgy, acting, film and new media, as well as stage and costume design, is initiated across all classes and courses of study. The study concept of the Academy of Performing Arts sees the interdisciplinary orientation as its central core. The cooperation with the Filmakademie on the joint campus as well as the cooperation with the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and its course of study Stage and Costume Design makes it possible to react to an art that is undergoing massive change and that demands more than ever before that today’s theatre professionals take a broad stand and educate themselves beyond the boundaries of their own profession. For this reason, the ADK, in addition to providing sound training in theatre, provides for integrated projects that test new forms – especially with new media – across areas and genres, and promotes national and international exchange.


FURORE Festival 2018, ADK-Bühnenturm © Philip Henze_ADK

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design


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The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design with its more than 250-year history is one of the largest and most interdisciplinary art academies in Germany. It offers a broad spectrum of study and research opportunities to around 900 students in 18 courses of study in the fields of art, architecture, design, art studies and restoration. The Faculty of Architecture is a prime example of the high quality and artistic appeal of studying at the Stuttgart State Academy. In recent years, the Architecture Department has regularly been able to place itself at the top of all evaluated universities in recognised national rankings.


Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart


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Tradition and innovation – this has characterised the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart since its foundation in 1832. 32 bachelor and master courses of study are offered today in the fields of architecture and design, civil engineering, building physics, economics, surveying, computer science and mathematics. These include new content and forms of teaching, practical study projects in cooperation with companies and offices, an active use of media and the teaching of social skills and foreign languages. With its research projects, the HFT Stuttgart is one of the state’s third-funded universities. Applied research stimulates teaching, further education, life-long learning and technology transfer. There is a special obligation here to use the location advantages of the Stuttgart Region.


Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart


The Hochschule der Medien (HdM) is a state university for applied sciences with almost 30 accredited bachelor and master programmes and trains specialists and all-rounders for the media world. Theory never runs without practice here: exciting projects in the studios and laboratories or in cooperation with partner companies complement the theoretical principles and courses. The professors and lecturers at the HdM have a sound scientific education and have several years of professional experience in or with the media. All of the HdM’s facilities are located on a campus in Nobelstrasse in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.