2020 – A pandemic that challenges us all: What hitherto used to run alongside, has suddenly become everyday life. Social media, YouTube, digital conferences, film, and media used to be instruments that additionally inspired our approach to theatre but have suddenly become a new living space defining art and communication.

Can the arts in general and the performing arts in particular hold their own in this new space? What are the opportunities? Where are the limits of what is possible? Where do voids and gaps arise? Are voids a deficiency? Or rather spaces that need to be filled with something different, something new?

During this time, our students with their imagination, creative commitment, and the will to face the new situation have developed amazing projects, have tried to conquer digital space as a new art space.

And all of us have learned from this – including the lecturers and the team around us: not a substitute for an evening of theatre experienced together, but neither a complete loss. Because further possibilities and art spaces for the performing arts arise, arousing curiosity and stimulating the imagination. At the same time, this leads to profound reflections on the future relationship between art production and contemplation – a new world of communication, dialogue, exchange, and recognition.

On that note, we wish Raumwelten 2020 every success.

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Schweeger
Artistic Director and CEO
Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg (ADK)