Raumwelten will take place virtually this year. The theme “Please Install New Spatial System Now!” reflects the current situation perfectly. Our everyday reality has changed since the first outbreak of the SARS-COV-19 pandemic. People are confined to their homes and interpersonal contacts must be reduced to a minimum. Social distance has become a new reality. Schools and universities, colleges and professional schools find themselves in virtual spaces just like business and industry. The Hochschule der Medien and all those involved are rethinking, inventing new forms of teaching and communication, building interfaces and inventing spaces as a substitute for the human need to come together. We create embodied interaction in digital technological environments.
Media are part of our culture today. As a university we have a responsibility to convey the relevance of the medium and its reach to students. We research, develop and experiment in those areas that are interwoven with media.
In particular, the Raumwelten motto “Please Install New Spatial System Now!” is dealt with by the Audiovisual Media degree programme in the field of event media productions, which we call EventMedia. It is about artistic, interactive media constructions and artefacts in architectural space, which are brought to life through the participation (interaction) of the visitors. Now we are rethinking, adapting, developing a new way of spatial experiencing. Somnium – Modular Dreams presents an interactive object that represents dreams visually, acoustically, with atmosphere and light. The space of experience is of lightweight construction, it is transportable and can be set up and experienced anywhere.
Perhaps in the coming years this form will continue to help establish cultural, academic, economic, or entertainment-oriented content as an experience anchored in space.
We are pleased to be partners of Raumwelten once again.