Global developments in recent months have largely eliminated physical “spatial communication”. Due to the pandemic, most of the exchange no longer takes place in real space, but virtually. Information and communication can now be found mainly online and no longer at conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs. Distance and isolation are unfortunately the motto of these days and have turned real face-to-face communication into an almost unworldly concept.

But despite this extremely unfavourable starting position, Raumwelten remains courageous, and under the title “Please Install New Spatial System Now!” is facing up to precisely this current dilemma and using the adverse circumstances as an opportunity: What possibilities can arise from this year of upheaval and pandemic and what positive changes are conceivable? Cleverly chosen panels will explore questions such as what possibilities are now offered by media and virtual reality or what new scenographic formats have emerged in recent months. The experts will present and discuss original, open, and positive ways of dealing with the new spatial restrictions.
This year’s radical changes can already be seen in the organisation of the Conference: In addition to the live streaming of lectures and panel discussions, it also offers online access to in-depth architectural films and platforms for exchange, thus complementing the Raumwelten experience in a hitherto unknown way. A new team of curators will also be contributing fresh ideas this year: Janina Poesch, Sabine Marinescu and Charlotte Tamschick will enrich the team of Tobias Wallisser and Jean-Louis Vidière. I wish them all the best and much success in their work.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who, with their commitment and work, have made this year’s edition of Raumwelten possible. I wish the participants and all online visitors inspiring conversations, fascinating impulses and, of course, lots of fun.


Dr. Walter Rogg
Managing Director of Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation.