Massive Change Network, Evanston IL

Digital Mirror

Bruce Mau

Whenever we build “worlds”, all senses are involved. The real and virtual worlds both influence us with lasting effect, since these worlds not only determine what we perceive, but also what we learn and how we behave. The interrelationship between perception, neural processes, recollections, emotions and hormones, as well as the decisions and actions resulting from it, are presented in this Key Note, and are then explained before the background by using design processes. The central thesis of this talk is the issue of how design and communication in living space influence the quality of our life. To be short: When living a designed life – and we all do this because there is nothing without design of any kind around us – the quality of design equals the quality of our life. In this context, communication in space is, in fact, the design of our life.

Bruce Mau will using the virtual live stream to be present on the Raumwelten Business.